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For the Earth-89 version, see Alexander Knox (Earth-89).

"Is there a six-foot bat in Gotham City? If so, is he on the police payroll? If so, what's he pulling down - after taxes?""
―Alexander Knox[src]

Alexander Knox is a reporter at the Gotham Globe. Knox was out to prove the existence of Batman, despite risking his career and being constantly scoffed at by colleagues and city officials. He formed with partnership with the noted photographer Vicki Vale, who shared an interest in the Batman.


Investigating the Bat

Knox and Vicki Vale reading the Wayne murder article.

Alexander Knox was investigating the supposed Batman during his first emergence in Gotham. He was present at the arrest of thugs Nic and Eddie, both very vocal about their encounter with the Batman. Knox questioned Lt. Eckhardt on whether or not Commissioner Gordon opened a file on Batman due to the number of sightings in under a month.

Save the Festival charity ball

Knox was hoping to attend Bruce Wayne's charity ball to help fund the city's 200th Anniversary Festival. He was able to obtain an invitation with the help of Vicki Vale.

Knox and Vale attended the ball at Wayne Manor where he attempted to question the Commissioner and his wife along with Mayor Borg while gambling at a game table. Later while helping Vicki Vale locate Bruce Wayne they stumbled upon a bizarre arms and armor collection.

200th Anniversary parade

Knox was present when Joker took over the 200th Anniversary parade and poisoned a large crowd of Gothamites he had lured in with free cash. Knox was saved by Vale, who recognized the Smylex gas and warned him.

After telling Vicki to say in his car, Knox retrieved a baseball bat and rag to cover his mouth and nostrils. He then made a brave attempt to beat Joker's men with the bat, only to be hit by his own car driven by Vale a short while later. Knox was saved by a large pile of trash that cushioned his fall.

Behind the scenes

Gordon discovers Batman's "true identity."

  • In the first version of the story Knox was going to die during the Joker's attack. But the producers liked his character so much they decided to let him live. By doing this Robert Whul thought he was going to be in the other Batman films, but he was never asked to return.
  • Knox was part of a deleted scene which had Bruce cover his unconscious body with his cape & cowl near the cathedral steps. Bruce makes a stealthy exit with his brass utility belt draped over his shoulder. This can be seen in the comic adaptation.

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