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Arkham Asylum is a psychiatric hospital where the criminally insane of Gotham City are imprisoned.

Edward Nygma, Victor Fries and Pamela Isley are currently being treated here.


The gates of Arkham.

The building appears to be very old and most likely stood for a long time. The exact date it was established is unknown.

After Harvey Dent was scarred by Boss Sal Moroni and driven mad he became the insane mob boss 'Two-Face.' He was captured by the vigilante Batman and subsequently committed in Arkham for rehabilitation. Exactly two years later he broke out and robbed the Second National Bank. Two-Face was eventually killed and his partner in crime, the Riddler, was sentenced to Arkham. He screamed for hours that he knew Batman's identity, prompting Dr. Burton to call Chase Meridian to consult his case. She confirmed Nygma was a "wacko" and told Bruce his identity was safe.

Years later, Batman captured Mr. Freeze who was promptly sent to Arkham. He was later broken out by Poison Ivy and Bane. After the pair tried to freeze Gotham solid, they were both committed to Arkham, where Freeze worked to try and cure his wife Nora's illness.

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Current patients

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Behind the Scenes

Arkham illustration by John Eaves.

Arkham's exterior was designed by conceptual illustrator John Eaves, who also built the model of the building used in the film.


  • The Riddler and Two-Face do not appear in Batman & Robin, but two of their costumes appear in the film in Arkham's confiscated goods lot.
  • Also in the confiscated goods lot is a puppet, resembling Arnold Wesker's "Scarface".


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