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"Behold, the ideal killing machine. I call this little number... Bane. Bane of humanity."
Jason Woodrue[src]

Antonio Diego was a skinny serial killer serving life in prison. Later he was chosen to be transformed into Bane by renegade scientist Dr. Jason Woodrue using an experimental drug called "Venom."


Diego was serving life in the South American Prison Morte when he was selected for Woodrue's Gilgamesh Project.

Behind the scenes


"Bane is one of the characters my seven year old godson taught me about, probably when he was about five, and um, Bane is made out of steroids and venom and he is, um, we use him as Uma's pitbull. I mean, she just can't kiss everyone to death in Gotham City, you know? It's a lot of people to kiss! And so sometimes she just needs someone to break down a wall, so he's a wonderful addition."
Joel Schumacher[src]

Critical reactions

  • This depiction of the character was one of many aspects of Batman & Robin which received negative criticism from fans and critics alike. [1]


  1. McNeill, Dustin. "Batman & Robin (US - DVD R1) in Reviews". DVD Active. Retrieved May 23, 2008. "The only one I can recommend watching is the biography on Bane. Paul Dini of Batman: The Animated Series and Denny O'Neil of DC Comics tell us just how badly Bane was written for the movie making the only thing missing here an apology from screenwriter Akiva Goldsman."[sic]