The black utility belt

The Black utility belt was Bruce Wayne's second utility belt. Many large egg-like pods replace the four capsules on that were on the original brass utility belt. The two large pods opened up to reveal switches, which activated gadgets on the 3rd batsuit itself.


The Black utility belt was introduced when Bruce suited up into his 3rd Generation Batsuit. The notable features he used for this belt was his grapple gun to attached the wall to the safe that he and the guard (who Two Face held hostage) escaped from. He then used a Batlaser to cut the chain and attached a hook to it so the wire to the grapple can swing it back into the bank vault.

A notable feature of this utility belt was a shield function on the cape to protect Batman from extreme fires.

During the attack on Wayne Manor this was one of the utility belts that was destroyed in the Vault by the Riddler during his assault on the batcave. Bruce later recreated more of these utility belts on the 3rd generation suits and they are currently on display in the Vault in the batcave.

Known features

  • Batarangs
  • Batcuffs
  • Batlaser
  • Grapple Gun

Behind the Scenes

  • The black utility belt was deigned by production illustrator Chris Ross.
  • The brass belt in first film was originally going be black, but was changed when Batman fans became outraged that it wasn't yellow like in the comics. Production designer Anton Furst suggested a brass color as compromise. Ironically, when this black belt was introduced the third film, it was met with no fan resistance.
  • The black utility belt was used with the Sonar Batsuit during auditions for Batman Begins.
  • An Actor wearing the Sonar Batsuit in the 2003 WB film Looney Tunes: Back in Action was wearing the black utility belt during the incident where he became exasperated with Brendan Fraser ruining a movie scene in his pursuit of Daffy Duck.


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