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For the Earth-89 version, see Bob Hawkins (Earth-89).

"Remember... you... are my number one... guy!"
―The Joker[src]

Robert "Bob" Hawkins was Jack Napier's "number one guy", known as Bob the Goon. He was shot and killed by the Joker.


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Behind the scenes

  • Tracey Walter was cast in the role of Bob the Goon by request of Jack Nicholson, who was asked if there was anyone in particular he wanted to fill the role. Walter and Nicholson are close friends.[1]
  • There was a deleted scene in which Bob the Goon (Tracey Walter) fought Batman (Michael Keaton) with a knife. Producer Jon Peters was reportedly dissatisfied with how the fight turned out, and got Second Unit Director Peter MacDonald to reshoot the scene entirely, with martial artist Dave Lea playing Batman rather than Keaton. In place of Bob the Goon, a new swordsman goon was introduced, played by Sken Kaewpadung.


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