Bruce Timm

Timm interviewed for Batman Anthology in 2005.

Bruce Timm is a artist and animation producer. Timm was interviewed with his associates from Batman: The Animated Series, Eric Radomski and Paul Dini.

The Animated Series launched in the fall of 1992, in support of Batman Returns. It featured Danny Elfman's Batman theme and many other elements from the Anthology at the studio's insistence. Timm was invited to set of Batman Returns to sketch and draw inspiration for the series.


On Tim Burton movies

" Thank God for the Tim Burton movie because it was so extremely darker than anybody had seen Batman before in any kind of mass media. But we were actually quite lucky, when that show was being developed we were coming off the heels of the Tim Burton Batman films, which were very dark in tone. (...) I would say after that I really like The Dark Knight, and even Tim Burton’s Batman films as well, maybe the first more so than the second. I love what Nolan did but I also still enjoy what Burton did. "

On Joel Schumacher movies

" I didn’t enjoy Schumacher’s Batman at all. "


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