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The Batman Anthology universe, more commonly known as the "Burtonverse," is the fictional shared universe that comprises of the Batman Anthology series—Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995), and Batman & Robin (1997)—as well as the films' various tie-in media such as comics, novels, and video games.


The continuity of the films had been kept vague, never precisely explained for thirty years. The first time they were formally associated together was the The Batman Legacy: All 4 Feature-Length Films VHS box set.

Modern place in the Multiverse


In the Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, general audiences were introduced to the multiverse concept. Robert Wuhl was brought back to portray Alexander Knox, after producers failed convince other cast members to appear.[citation needed] A designation of Earth-89 appeared on the screen. In Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One, Earth-89 was destroyed by antimatter at the beginning of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, but a new version of it was later created when the Paragons and the Spectre created a new multiverse. In Crisis Aftermath, it was revealed through a game show question card that Earth-97 was the designation for Joel Schumacher's films Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.[1]

Cinema and comic book revival

Batman '89

It was later announced that Michael Keaton would be reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming film The Flash, "taking back" the role after subsequent portrayals by Val Kilmer and George Clooney. In February 2021, DC Comics announced a new comics series titled Batman '89, that would tell a new canonical story that takes place directly after Batman Returns, ignoring the events of Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. It is speculated that this new run will have some kind of impact on The Flash, serving as bridge of sorts between Batman Returns and where we see Batman in the new film.


With the release of Batman '89 as well as the upcoming film The Flash, the Burtonverse has been split into two major timelines, creating two distinct Earths that diverge after Batman Returns, according to Batman '89 creator Joe Quinones.[2]


Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology


US release date Director Written by
Batman June 23, 1989 Tim Burton Warren Skaaren based on a story by Sam Hamm
Batman Returns June 19, 1992 Wesley Strick based on a story by Daniel Waters
Batman Forever June 16, 1995 Joel Schumacher Akiva Goldsman based on a story by Janet & Lee Batchler
Batman & Robin June 20, 1997 Akiva Goldsman

Batman (1989)

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In 1986, Tim Burton took over as director of the first Batman film. Steve Englehart and Julie Hickson both wrote film treatments, before Sam Hamm wrote the first screenplay. Numerous A-list actors had turned the offer to play the titular role of Batman, dismissing the concept as silly. Michael Keaton agreed to read the script after having positive working experience with Burton previously. Warner Brothers wanted Jack Nicholson as the Joker, which he eventually accepted under certain conditions.

Batman Returns (1992)

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The studio insisted that Danny DeVito play the Penguin, who they saw as the "Number Two" villain due the number of appearances on the live-action show. This was the primary preordained mandate for every potential sequel to Batman. Tim Burton wanted to use Catwoman, so a compromise was made to include both. This set a precedent that two primary villains be featured per movie. Every sequel in the series would feature one well known villain chosen by the studio and another villain handpicked by the director.

Batman Forever (1995)

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Warner Brothers hoped that Robin Williams would accept the role of Riddler for the third film. They also assumed Michael Keaton would reprise his role but neither came to pass. Tommy Lee Jones was the first actor officially cast while Keaton was still in negotiations. Rene Russo was initially cast a Chase Meridian. Eventually it was decided to go with a much younger cast, but Jones remained.

Batman & Robin (1997)

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Related films

The Flash (2022)

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Title US release date Composer Length Label
Batman: Original Motion Picture Score May 1989 Danny Elfman 54:45 Warner Bros. Records
Batman Returns: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack June 23, 1992 69:55
Batman Forever: Original Motion Picture Score Album July 11, 1995 Elliot Goldenthal 41:01 Atlantic Records
Batman & Robin: Music from and Inspired by the "Batman & Robin" Motion Picture May 27, 1997 67:06 Warner Bros. Records


Title US release date Artist (s) Length Film
"Batdance" June 8, 1989 Prince 6:13 Batman
"Partyman" August 18, 1989 3:11
"The Arms of Orion" October 16, 1989 5:02
"Scandalous!" November 28, 1989 6:14
"The Future" May 18, 1990 4:07
"Face to Face" July 13, 1992 Siouxsie and the Banshees 4:17 Batman Returns
"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" June 5, 1995 U2 4:47 Batman Forever
"Kiss from a Rose" June 6, 1995 Seal 4:47
"The Riddler" October 24, 1995 Method Man 3:30
"Where Are You Now?" November 1995 Brandy 3:57
"Smash It Up" November 1995 The Offspring 3:24
"Nobody Lives Without Love" December 1995 Eddi Reader 5:05
"The End Is the Beginning Is the End" April 4, 1997 The Smashing Pumpkins 5:07 Batman & Robin
"Look into My Eyes" May 30, 1997 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony 4:20
"House on Fire" June 1997 Arkarna 3:24
"Gotham City" June 3, 1997 R. Kelly 4:55
"Foolish Games" July 8, 1997 Jewel 5:39
"Moaner" July 21, 1997 Underworld 10:17
"Lazy Eye" July 1997 Goo Goo Dolls 3:04

Other media


Title Issue(s) Publication date(s) Writer(s) Artist(s) Notes(s)
Batman 1 August 1989 Sam Hamm, Dennis O'Neil Jerry Ordway, John Costanza, Steve Oliff One-shot adaptation of Batman
Batman Returns 1 August 1992 Dennis O'Neill Steve Erwin, José Luis García-López, Tom McCraw, John Costanza One-shot adaptation of Batman Returns
Batman Forever 1 August 1995 Dennis O'Neill Michal Dutkiewicz, Scott Hanna, Adrienne Roy, Albert DeGuzman One-shot adaptation of Batman Forever
Batman & Robin 1 1997 Dennis O'Neill Rodolfo Damaggio, Bill Sienkiewicz, Pat Garrahy, Albert DeGuzman One-shot adaptation of Batman & Robin
Batman '89 6 August 10, 2021 – January 11, 2022 Sam Hamm Joe Quinones Sequel series set after the events of Batman Returns and ignoring the events of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

Video games

Title US release date Publisher Developer Platforms
Batman: The Video Game 1990 Sunsoft Arcade
Batman: The Video Game Genesis
Batman: The Video Game Game Boy
Batman Atari Numega Team Arcade
Batman Returns 1993 Konami SNES
Batman Returns Sega Game Gear, Genesis, Master System, Sega CD
Batman Returns Atari Lynx
Batman Forever: The Arcade Game 1996 Acclaim Iguana Entertainment Arcade, PlayStation, Saturn
Batman Forever 1995 Probe Entertainment Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, SNES, PC
Batman & Robin July 31, 1998 PlayStation