Selina Kyle
Aliases: Catwoman
Occupation: Secretary / Anarchist
Appeared In: Batman Returns
Played by: Michelle Pfeiffer
Selina Kyle.jpg
"I am Catwoman. Hear me roar."

Selina Kyle is former secretary that suffered a grievance with her rich boss Max Shreck, who attempted to kill her. She became a theatrical criminal in Gotham City, garnering attention from newspapers like Gotham Globe.

She still prowls the night in parts unknown.


Batman Returns

Surrounded by alley cats after Max Shreck pushes her out a window, Selina Kyle's repressed rage allowed her to transform into the clever supervillainess Catwoman. Shortly following her transformation, she joined forces with the Penguin.

As a masked figure operating under the guise of a theatrical public identity, Catwoman found a reflection of herself in Batman. In a ballroom masque, to Siouxsie & the Banshees' "Face to Face", the two masked crime fighters, Batman and Catwoman, dressed as their alter-egos, Bruce and Selina, discovered their dual personalities.

She electrocuted Shreck by pulling a cable on Penguin's generator, causing an explosion. Before disappearing in a cloud of smoke, she appeared to kiss Shreck with a stun gun placed under his chin; Batman never found her body.

Later while being chauffeured by Alfred, Bruce thought he spotted Selina's silhouette struggling to walk in her tattered catsuit. When he emerged from the car Bruce found only her cat, Miss Kitty. On the way home with the cat, Bruce grinned to himself, wondering what had become of his girlfriend.

Sometime later, Selina managed to recover from her wounds and mended her costume back to pristine condition. The next time the Batsignal was lit, she defiantly rose on a rooftop, ready to return to the streets as Catwoman once again. [1]

Batman '89

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Behind the scenes

Non-canon appearances and allusionss

  • InBatman Forever, Catwoman is briefly mentioned by Dr. Chase Meridian. She states that she has done her homework on Batman, that he likes "strong women", and asks teasingly if "she needs skin-tight vinyl and a whip".[2]
  • In Batman & Robin, Catwoman is briefly alluded to by Batman. When Poison Ivy pins him and flirts with him at Freeze’s hideout, he briefly wonders out loud to himself “Why are all the gorgeous ones homicidal maniacs? Is it me?” while resisting Ivy’s advancements.[3]
  • In the Catwoman movie, Patience Phillips, chosen as the new Catwoman, does some research on the previous women who shared the identity, she also looks at a picture resembling Selina Kyle in her costume.[4]
    • The upcoming Batman '89 comic series, which takes place after Batman Returns and ignores the events of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, will feature the return of Catwoman.


Batman Returns

Batman '89


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