Chase Meridian
Aliases: Dr. Chase Meridian
Occupation: Psychologist
Appeared In: Batman Forever
Played by: Nicole Kidman
"You like strong women. I've done my homework. Or do I need skin-tight vinyl and a whip?"
―Chase Meridian trying to seduce Batman[src]

Dr. Chase Meridian is a psychologist and one of Bruce Wayne's lovers who, like Vicki Vale and Selina Kyle, later discovered he was Batman.


Batman ForeverEdit

Dr. Chase Meridian, a psychiatrist working with the Gotham City Police Department, falls in love with both Batman and his alter ego, billionaire Bruce Wayne. While with Bruce Wayne, she is the perfect professional. While with Batman, on the other hand, she lets her guard down and expresses her attraction to him.

She summons Batman with the Bat-Signal, and when Batman arrives, she tells him that she sees him as the kind of man that she wants. She runs her fingers through his suit's chest, and he tries to leave because he fears he'll become attracted to her, but she stops him and removes her coat to reveal black lingerie. He cannot resist her, and she is about to kiss him, only to be interrupted by Commissioner Gordon. Batman, however, is annoyed that the Bat-Signal was used as a mere "beeper". Chase also assists Bruce in analyzing a series of befuddling threats disguised as riddles sent to him by the Riddler. Bruce then convinces Chase to accompany him to a circus show. There they both witness the murder of three of the four Flying Graysons when Two-Face shoots the ropes holding them in the air as they attempt to remove a bomb from the building.

At the ritz Gotham party, Chase becomes a target for one of Two-Face's thugs. Batman saves her, and she kisses him passionately in front of a crowd of onlookers. When Chase, wrapped only in a silken white sheet, is confronted by the Dark Knight on her balcony, she finally chooses Bruce over Batman. Chase is later kidnapped by The Riddler and Two-Face when they attack Wayne Manor after having discovered Bruce's alter ego.

Within the villains' lair, both Chase and Robin are held hostage and used to force Batman to choose which life he will save. Batman outsmarts the Riddler, but the Riddler still sends Chase and Robin plummeting into a pit of water and jagged rocks. Batman leaps after them, and is able to pull them both up onto beams.

Chase later visits the Riddler at Arkham Asylum, where the Riddler is claiming that he knows Batman's true identity. When she asks him, the Riddler, driven insane by his defeat, claims that he is Batman. She then leaves and reports to Bruce that his secret is safe.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Chase Meridian was the only one of Batman's love interests in the Anthology series that was not in the comics originally.
  • Actress Rene Russo was initially cast in this role while Michael Keaton was still attached to Batman Forever. When Keaton was replaced by Val Kilmer the filmmakers decided to replace Russo with the younger Nicole Kidman.
  • Her name is a triple pun. Not only does she chase after Batman, but, as a psychologist, she is involved in chasing the meridian--in other words, chasing after the halfway point in human beings, one that is neither too high or too low (i.e. bringing balance to human lives). She is also chasing after the halfway point between Bruce Wayne and Batman, trying to reconcile her love for both sides of the same man.