Day Murch

Murch interviewed for Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight in 2005.

Day Murch is the official 'Batsuit Wrangler' that has worked on every single Batman film since the 1989 original all the way up to The Dark Knight Rises.


  • "If I’m ever asked to describe my job, I always explain that I represent all the talents that have worked on the suits and there are a lot of disciplines represented here. I rather like to think that I represent the family that worked on the suit going right back to the first movie. We don’t make this suit substantially in any different way than the way the other one’s were made we just make it better because we’ve had longer to get it right. I’m just part of a chain that links back to Vin Burnham who made the first suit and Bob Ringwood who designed it and I don’t think any of us would deny we owe an enormous amount to those people, we do think we’ve got a better technique now." -2005



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