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"Batman, a new villain has commandeered the Gotham Museum. He's frozen the antiquities wing. He's turned the security guards into ice. He's calling himself, Mr. Freeze."
Commissioner Gordon[src]

Gotham Museum is a multidisciplinary museum in Gotham City. The museum held the Giant White Diamond in the antiquities wing as part of the new Second Sun of Sudan exhibit. The diamond was soon targeted Mr. Freeze.


Antiquities exhibit frozen by Mr. Freeze.

Battle in Antiquities Exhibit

Behind the Scenes


  • Both Akiva Goldsman's screenplay and lines spoken by Pat Hingle in the final film exclusively refer to the museum as 'Gotham Museum.' However the model used in the film to portray the outside of the building say 'Gotham Museum of Art.' Items on display in the interior of the museum also suggests it is multidisciplinary.
  • The screenplay also indicates that the museum is located near the edge of Gotham's Central Park. In the final film, this doesn't seem to be.


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