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"That's Bullock for you. He's a shark. He smells blood."
James Gordon to Batman[src]

Harvey Bullock is a detective at the Gotham City Police Department.


Trapping Batman

"He's not coming, you know. He's not stupid."
"I know."
"We haven't used the signal in six months. Word is he's got some kind of electronic back channel with Gordon. That's how they communicate now."
―Harvey Bullock and Harvey Dent[src]

After the speech by Cecil Culp at Gotham City Hall calling on a vote of no confidence in GCPD Commissioner James Gordon in the aftermath of the Halloween disaster, Harvey Bullock and Harvey Dent threw the switch of the Bat-Signal to bait Batman into coming, with three snipers in nearby buildings to take him out. Bullock informed Dent that the Bat-Signal hadn't been used in six months, and that the rumor was Batman had a back channel with Gordon to communicate.[1]


Bullock dislikes how Commissioner Gordon and the Mayor allow Batman to roam freely.[citation needed]



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