Jason Woodrue
Occupation: Scientist
Appeared In: Batman & Robin
Played by: John Glover
"Well, I can respect your opinion. Sadly, I'm not good at rejection. I'm afraid you'll have to die."
―Dr. Woodrue to Pamela Isley[src]

Dr. Jason Woodrue was a scientist that once funded by Wayne Enterprises and was publicly described by Bruce Wayne as "a lunatic." He ended up being responsible for the origins of Bane and Poison Ivy.


Arboreal Preservation ProjectEdit

Woodrue was conducting research for Wayne Enterprises' Aboreal Preservation Project in a lab set up in the abandoned ruins of the South American Prison Morte.

Eventually Bruce Wayne cut funding for the project.

Project GilgameshEdit

At some point Woodrue started using Dr. Pamela Isley's venom fluid to create "super soldiers" that could be sold to his "fellow maniacs." Apparently some prisoners were still being kept somewhere in the prison.

When Isley discovered what he was working on in his secret Gilgamesh Wing she told him that she would report it to the authorities. Woodrue promptly attempted murder Isley moments later. Soon after Isley sprung from the ground, having been mutated by the chemicals. Ivy killed Woodrue with a kiss and burned the lab.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jason Woodrue

Costume test, without eyewear

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