Selina Kyle & Bruce Wayne at the Maxquerade Ball.

The "Maxquerade" Ball was a annual masquerade ball held by Max Shreck every Christmas in the storefront area of the Shreck's building.



Alfred notified Bruce Wayne of his invitation while he was repairing the Batmobile in the Batcave. As Alfred assumed, Wayne's first impulse was to RSVP in "the resoundingly negative." However after thinking for moment, he changed his mind based on the chance that Selina Kyle would likely be in attendance. This frustrated Alfred, who had already torn the invitation in half.



Wayne arrived fashionably late, without a costume. He was soon confronted by Max Shreck himself, who mocked his appearance. Wayne then criticized his support of the Cobblepot campaign with a witticism about his true nature being revealed to the public. Shreck then claimed that it wouldn't matter who was in office, as he would always have some amount of influence over them.

Shreck's son Chip and the Mayor were also already in attendance. Selina Kyle arrived shortly after, also without a costume. She was quickly spotted by Wayne.



Amidst dancing, Bruce & Selina engaged in casual conversation and flirtation. The topic of discussion quickly came to why they decided to come to the ball. Bruce revealed that hoped to see her, but Selina admitted she had come for Max. Bruce mistook this as a romantic link to between two of them, which she reacted to with wild laugh. She then pulled a small Derringer pistol from a leg garter under her dress, showing she intended to murder Max at the event.

To diffuse the situation, Bruce began to sensually kiss her neck in a attempt to alleviate her pain and anger. Once again under the mistletoe, Selina began to quote what he told her as Batman about the deadliness of mistletoe ingestion. As Bruce finished the exchange by quoting what she said as Catwoman, the pair shared a sudden realization. Unsure of what to do, they decided to leave the party. As they walked away an explosion erupted from the center of the main floor area.

Party CrasherEdit

After a large explosion in the center of the dance floor, the Penguin's Duck Vehicle rose from the ground. The Penguin initially wanted to take Chip to die with rest of Gotham's first born sons, but Max managed to convince Penguin to take him instead.

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Set photo



A illustration of Bruce & Selina dancing was used on one of six McDonald's collector cups.


A strikingly similar Christmas masquerade scene was featured in the 2012 film, The Dark Knight Rises. Bruce Wayne also attends without a costume, gets confronted by the party's host and ends up dancing with Selina Kyle.


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