Daily Planet building concept art from Superman Lives

Metropolis is major metropolitan city. Bruce Wayne remarks to Dick Grayson that it would be tough going if he left Wayne Manor as the circus he had performed with would be "half way to Metropolis". To this Dick replies that all he wants to do is avenge his parents death by killing Two-Face.

This is apparently where Superman primarily operates.


Behind the ScenesEdit


Pittsburgh City-County Building

  • In the comics, Metropolis is the home of the superhero Superman. Although not shown, the character of Superman exists in the Anthology as Batman says in Batman & Robin "this is why Superman works alone"; though exactly how he exists is unknown, he and Batman at the very least seem acquainted based on Batman's comments.
  • Metroplos was set to appear in Superman Lives. The Pittsburgh City-County Building was chosen as the base of the films Daily Planet building.

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