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Keaton in a 1992 interview for Batman Returns.

Michael John Douglas (born September 5, 1951), better known by the stage name Michael Keaton, is an American actor, producer, and director. He portrayed Batman/Bruce Wayne in the first two films of the Batman Anthology, the original Batman and its sequel Batman Returns.

After the lukewarm reception to second film, director Tim Burton was relegated to the role of producer. Keaton was initially interested in reprising his role for the eventual third film, but opted out when Warner made it clear the next had to more family friendly. He was subsequently replaced by Val Kilmer and eventually George Clooney.

Despite being the only actor to play Batman more than once in the Anthology, Keaton declined interview for the 2005 dvd releases for reasons unknown.



Batman Returns

Batman III


Bruce goes into a trance-like state to become the bat.

Deleted scenes

  • "There was a thing that never got in that was really interesting. I went to Tim and said that we should see if we could do a scene that showed the transition and Tim was really great about these things so we tried. I wanted to see and to show that transition when he goes from Bruce Wayne to Batman, the time when he’s about to don the suit and go out and wreak some havoc. That’s not a casual thing, obviously, it’s not putting on a jacket to go out for the evening. So what is that transition like? So there was a thing we did early on that showed him going into a sort of trance and it justified this shift in him. So we did that scene and it never made it into the film but I think helped me in a way. It was part of the way he became this other thing and even if you didn’t see it, it was part of the character and the way we created him. "



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