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"Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well. For it's the chilling sound of your doom. "
―Victor Fries[src]

Dr. Victor Fries is a Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologist and two-time Olympic decathlete who suffers a terrible accident while trying to cryogenically preserve his terminally ill wife. As a result, he is transformed into a criminal forced to live in a special sub-zero suit powered by diamonds, becoming Mr. Freeze.


Early Life

Dr. Victor Fries became dependent on a diamond-powered subzero suit following an accident in a cryogenics lab he was using to find a cure for his wife, Nora, who was suffering from a terminal illness called MacGregor's Syndrome.

Crashing the Charity Ball

Fries, now known as Mr. Freeze, crashes a charity event held by Wayne Enterprises and steals a diamond from the event. Freeze is captured by Batman and detained at Arkham Asylum, but flees with the help of Poison Ivy and Bane. Ivy cuts off Nora's life support and convinces Freeze that Batman was responsible for the deed; enraged, Freeze vows to destroy Gotham City by freezing it solid. With the use of a gigantic ray gun stationed in an observatory, Freeze freezes over the entirety of Gotham.

Ivy's Deception

In a subsequent fight with Batman, Freeze destroys the observatory with a set of bombs (planted by Bane) in an unsuccessful attempt to take Batman with him. Batman shows Freeze a recording of Ivy during her fight with Batgirl, in which she brags about killing Nora.

Making Up for Misdeeds

Batman tells Freeze that his wife is not dead; she was restored and would be moved to Arkham, where he could complete his research. Afterward, Batman asks him for the cure he created for the first stage of MacGregor's Syndrome for his butler, Alfred Pennyworth; Freeze atones for his misdeeds by giving Batman the medicine he had developed. Freeze is then detained at Arkham, where he exacts his revenge on Ivy, his new cellmate.

Behind the Scenes


  • Mr. Freeze's characterization in the film, as well as Schwarzenegger's performance, were widely criticized.