Paul Dini

Dini interviewed for Batman Anthology in 2005.

Paul Dini is a writer and animation producer. Dini was interviewed with his associates from Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski.

The Animated Series launched in the fall of 1992, in support of Batman Returns. It featured Danny Elfman's Batman theme and many other elements from the Anthology at the studio's insistence.


"Tim Burton's vision was very over the top; a little bit Gothic but at the same time sort of like Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Christopher Nolan's Batman was very modern day; it almost got to the point where I was watching the movie and I was noticing landmarks as I'm a native of Chicago where it was shot. To some degree I don't think Batman works in a completely modern city; I think Gotham has be reflective of his personality and those of his enemies."


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