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"Not your house, man. Next time, knock."
―Robin to Batman[src]

Drake Winston is the young vigilante operating out of Gotham City under the alias Robin.


After Batman broke into a robber's apartment, Robin saved the man from harassment, giving him all of the money he had on him: $8.[1]


  • Both of the first two Batman films originally included variations of the Robin at the studio's behest, but were cut prior to principal photography. Ricky Addison Reed as cast as Dick Grayson in 1988, with Marlan Wayans being cast as a nameless new incarnation in 1991. Director Tim Burton has always been vocal about his strong dislike of the character, while producer Mark Canton had always championed the character for inclusion.
  • The version of Robin partially inspired by Hamm's conceptualization of Dick Grayson from his alternative Batman II script. His appearance is in reference to the casting of Marlon Wayans' as "The Kid" for Daniel Waters' final Batman II drafts, before the character was cut in Wesley Strick's shooting drafts of what became Batman Returns. The Kid helped Batman fix the Batmobile Mk I and wore a garage mechanic uniform with an R patch on it, implying that he may one day become Robin. According to Waters, Michael Keaton also disliked the concept of Robin and it was Keaton's idea to pare Wayans role down to just a few scenes and not even refer to him by name.[2] Wayans' contract also included the third film, which Burton thought would be best left to others to develop. Joel Schumacher did not want to use Wayans or Billy Dee Williams and paid their pay or play fee to free up the roles. Wayans still gets residual checks for despite not appearing in either film.



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