Topps Smoke Capsules trading card

smoke capsules were small pellets filled with a gray chemical and kept in one of four capsules on the brass utility belt. After Batman started using different utility belts he was never seen using them again.


Mysterious escapeEdit


Batman shatters a smoke capsule

Gasing Joker's goonsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Smoke capsules

Two smoke bombs thrown in a alternate scene.

  • In an alternate scene during Batman's smoke pellet escape in Axis Chemicals, he was seen throwing two pellets at once, rather than the singular one shown in the final film. The scene also plays out this way in comic adaptation.
  • In the second film, the concept artists came up with the idea that each of the four capsules on the belt contained a different chemical, smoke being one of them. Since Batman was never seen throwing more than one smoke bomb in the final edit of the first movie, it retroactively fits with the belt contents in Returns.
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