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"I'm a man of few words..."

Harvey Dent was the district attorney of Gotham City in the bicentennial era. He vowed to bring the wave of crime to a halt by getting "Boss" Carl Grissom in court and convicted. He later became the villainous Two-Face.


The New District Attorney

Harvey Dent was elected district attorney of Gotham City in 1989. He promised to take down the crime lord Carl Grissom, and the rest of what he called a, "Nest of vipers."

Public safety

Harvey and Gordon.

While walking out of Gotham City hall Mayor Borg tells Dent and Commisioner Gordon that he wants the 200th anniversary party to have, "Hot dogs, balloons, the whole smear. I want it celebrated proudly and publicly." Harvey replies, "We're already in bankruptcy and haven't seen one balloon." He also mentions that it isn't safe to hold a public event like that yet. Borg tells them that if they can get several people to attend then the businesses would return to Gotham. Gordon tells Borg that he doesn't think that would work since, "They're scared." "They won't be scared," Borg replies, "Once you get Grissom into that courthouse. I promised that remember."

Ghosts and Goblins

Because of his legal position, he later attended Bruce Wayne's charity for the Gotham 200th birthday celebration. He hangs around with Commissioner Jim Gordon at a craps table and is asked by reporter Alexander Knox about his view on the Batman. He answers, "Mr. Knox, we've got enough problems is this city to worry about ghosts and goblins." Harvey then walks away as Knox humorously comments, "That is not a denial."

On Action News

After falling into a vat of toxic chemicals criminal Jack Napier became The Joker, who then has the major mob bosses assassinated. Dent appears on the scene with Mayor Borg. A reporter from Action News asks Dent on what he has to say to which Dent replies, "I have no comment right now."

The Joker's Reign of Terror

Dent seeks help.

When Joker poisons Gotham's cosmetics products with his toxin called Smylex. Dent and his department work hard to try and find out what the Joker is poisoning, being heavily pressured by Mayor Borg to do it fast so that the 200th Anniversary Party of Gotham City can be held.

Joker's Message

After several people have been killed by the Joker he, Gordon, and Borg announce to the public that Gotham's 200th Anniversary Gala has been indefinitely postponed, because they cannot ensure the public's safety. Joker then interrupts saying that he himself will hold the party, and dump twenty million in cash on the crowd, which gets the civilians' interest. Borg says that they are not going to make any deals, but Joker then cuts him off.

A Message from Batman


After the Joker is killed Dent and Gordon have a press conference where Gordon declares that the rest of the Joker's men are being rounded up. Harvey then tells them that they have received a message from Batman to the citizens of Gotham. It goes... "We've received a letter from Batman this morning. 'Please inform the citizens of Gotham that Gotham City has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me."

"Question", Knox says, "How do we call him?''" Gordon then walks over to a floodlight that is off and says, "He gave us a signal. He then turns it on revealing that it is the Bat-Signal.

Behind the scenes

Poster of Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent for Batman.

  • Tim Burton chose Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent because he wanted to include the villain Two-Face in a future film using the concept of an African-American Two-Face for the black and white concept. Joel Schumacher disliked Williams and cast Tommy Lee Jones in the role for Batman Forever, which disappointed Williams. Replacing Billy Dee Williams created a major inconsistency in the series as Williams is of African descent while Jones is Caucasian.
BullzEye: I've always found that jumping from you in the part, to Tommy Lee Jones, is an insurmountable continuity problem.
Billy Dee Williams: (laughs) Yeah, I would say so. But, c'mon, it's the movies. They can do anything they want to do in the movies, and either people will buy it or they won't buy it. ( int, 2007)
  • In the earlier drafts of the script, Harvey Dent was set to appear in Batman Returns. He was going to be used in the Max Shreck role, and the scarring of his face (which would turn him into the villain Two-Face) was set to happen during the finale when Catwoman kisses him while holding onto the Penguin's generator.



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