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For the Earth-89 version, see Vinnie Ricorso (Earth-89).

Vinnie Ricorso was an Italian crime lord in Gotham City. After the Joker murdered Carl Grissom and took over his empire, he called the other crime lords for a meeting. Vinnie was unhappy with the Joker's proposal of burning Gotham City to the ground and called the Joker crazy. Vinnie and the other crime lords watched as the Joker murdered Antoine Rotelli for refusing to go along with his plan, by electrocuting him with 40,000 volts from his joy buzzer.

Vinnie decided to rebel against the Joker, he tried to legally take control of Grissom's businesses but was instead killed by the Joker and his mimes outside the Gotham City Courthouse, by a lethal pen quill through the throat.

Behind the scenes

  • Ricorso was portrayed by John Dair.
  • In the novelization, he is named "Vinnie Riccorsi".