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Wayne Enterprises is a company located in Gotham City owned by Bruce Wayne.


Batman Forever

Wayne Enterprises was finally presented in the series, with Bruce Wayne serving as head of the entire company (CEO), while Fred Stickley was head of the research department until being murdered by Edward Nygma, an employee in that department. Bruce also has a transport tunnel behind his desk in the main office that transports him back to Wayne Manor.

Batman & Robin

Wayne Enterprises was revealed to have been funding Dr. Jason Woodrue's research only to withdraw it when |Bruce realized his intentions. It is when Poison Ivy finds a beaker with the Wayne Enterprises logo on it that causes her to travel to Gotham City. The company is briefly mentioned again later during the donation of the giant telescope for the Gotham Observatory, which Mr. Freeze later turns into a giant freezing weapon.

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Behind the scenes

  • At the time original movie was released, it was a mystery how Thomas Wayne made his fortune. When Sam Hamm was invited to write a three issue Batman story by Denny O'Neil, he was given the option to do a story that explains the Wayne fortune. Instead, he chose to write about Bruce training before Batman. Wayne Enterprises appears in Sam Hamm's story.
  • In the modern comics, Wayne Enterprises was founded by merchant ancestors of the Wayne family in the 17th century. In the deleted scenes of Batman Forever, the Wayne foundation is mentioned by Bruce and Alfred.
  • Lucius Fox made a brief appearance in the Batman Forever novelization, related to the company in some way apparently.[1]


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